Lab First

Online Workshop

Thank you for participating in the online workshop "Using the Science Lab for Exploration Before Explaining." You will be using the features on this Google site to participate in the interactive components of the workshop. Please follow along and use the various tools as they are discussed.

Activity 1

Glass filled with water, condensation on side, sitting on table


Describe what you see. In your groups, come up with a one-sentence description of what you see in the figure to the left. Once consensus has been reached, enter your group's response in the form below.

Activity 2

Ask Questions

What questions could you ask? What’s interesting and what would you like to investigate? In your groups, come up with an interesting question about the phenomena that you would like to investigate. Enter your group's question in the form.

Activity 3

Plan an Investigation

Let's all look at the following question: "Does the temperature of the liquid matter?" In your group, plan an investigation that could answer this question. What variable(s) would you control? What variable(s) would you measure?

Activity 4

Make Predictions

The bulbs of three thermometers are wrapped in paper towels. One is dipped in water and removed (Thermometer A), another is dipped in isopropyl alcohol and removed (Thermometer B), and the third is dipped in nothing (Thermometer C). The thermometers all read the same room-temperature value (22 degrees Celsius) before they are dipped and removed.

Make a prediction for the temperature reading of each thermometer after about 10 minutes. Answer the short multiple choice question below based on your prediction.




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