Experience Stoichiometry

Online Workshop

Thank you for participating in the webinar "Experience Stoichiometry." You will be using the features on this Google site to participate in the interactive components of the webinar. Please follow along and use the various tools as they are discussed.

Activity 1

Physical Models

With your team, sketch physical models of the products and the reactants. In a class, you could construct physical models instead.

Students can cut out the N and H atoms models from the following worksheet: Atoms.

Activity 2


Using your physical model/sketch complete the table. Of the four ways shown for quantifying the reactants and products, which have the same amount on both sides?​

Choose someone from your group to report your results. The reporter should write down the group's table, since the Zoom whiteboards will disappear when discussion ends.

Activity 3

Atoms and Mass are Conserved

Imagine you had constructed the physical models of the products and reactants instead of sketching them. Design an experiment you could perform to test whether or not mass is conserved. One member of your group will report on your design and some of its limitations.

Activity 4

  1. Complete the tables​

  2. Graph the products as a function of the reactants​

  3. Determine the slopes



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